Counselling Information

School Counsellors

The school counsellors for this year are Mr. Josh Keith and Mrs. Patricia Doyle-Poirier. Teachers or parents may refer students to a counsellor. Students may also make arrangements to meet with counsellor on their own. Our counsellors provide both personal and career counselling.

Family School Enhancement Counsellor

This is a service available as a liaison to child welfare, social workers and other local agencies. This year Mrs. Kyla Clevette will represent our school. The service works in conjunction with our school counsellors.

Support Information

Alberta Mental Health

The phone number for Alberta Mental Health is 403-340-5469. Parents can phone this number directly.

Speech and Language Services

Parents can contact Alberta Health Services at 403-314-5250 for referrals for these services.

Alberta Mental Health Crisis Help Line: 1-877-303-2642 Students who are in need of someone to talk to in a crisis situation may call the helpline, which is available to them 24 hours a day.

Suicide Information & Education Services

Suite D 4808 51st Ave
Red Deer, AB 403-342-4966

Click here for a printable handout (.pdf) of warning signs, what to do and how to get help.